American History Western Expansion Lesson Plans, Units, Activities, Games, Powerpoints Illustration

Western Expansion for Kids and Teachers

Western Expansion for Kids

Western Expansion for Kids

The Louisiana Purchase

The Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail games for kids


The Homestead Act

Manifest Destiny

The Railroads

The Gold Rush

Lewis & Clark games for kids

Moving the Mail West

Stamp Stories

Free iPad Apps for Western Expansion

Western Expansion for Teachers

Classroom Activities and Project Ideas

Western Expansion Crash Course #24 (video)

Bewildered But Not Lost A Trip into Early Exploration of the American West

Pack Your Wagon lesson plan

Traveling the Oregon Trail - Thematic Unit

Oregon Trail Simulation (Medford Schools) - 22 Lessons, with Fate Cards, outstanding

Manifest Destiny and Western Expanion, 4 day lesson plan with concluding project activity 

Western Expansion - Units, Many (Core Knowledge)

Blazing the Western Trails with 6 handouts

The West (pbs)

Western Expansion Lesson Plan (extensive)

Western Expansion (Smithsonian Source)

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

Colonial Life - At Home on the French Frontier (1700-1800)

PBS The West, Lesson Plans

Contested Territories & Support Materials

Louisiana Purchase Lesson Plans

War of 1812 Lesson plans

Lewis & Clark Lesson plans

Indian Removal & the Trail of Tears

The Oregon Trail Lesson Plans

The Santa Fe Trail

Pioneer Life & Frontier Life

Exploration and Settlement of the American Southwest

Mexican American War

Spanish American War

Wild West

Pony Express


Manifest Destiny

Gold Rush

Free Powerpoints about Western Expansion

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