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American Revolution
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Lesson one: Causes

Lesson two: How do you get people to join your cause?

Lesson three: Fighting the war, Lexington and Concord

Lesson four: Fighting the war, Ticonderoga and Bunker Hill

Lesson five: Declaration of Independence

Lesson six: The (British) Empire strikes back. New York, Philadelphia

Lesson 7a: British Strategy Divide and Conquer - The War in the North

Lesson 7b: British Strategy Divide and Conquer - The War in the South

Lesson eight: The Turning Point

Lesson nine: How did the colonists win?

Lesson ten: Yorktown

Lesson eleven: Colonial Daily Life during the Revolutionary War

  • *Note: Lessons 12 and 13 may be interchanged, combined, or left out depending on time constraints.

Lesson twelve: American Revolutionary, War Heroes

Lesson thirteen: American Revolution, Minority Heroes

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