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American Revolution
Lesson Twelve

Heroes of the
American Revolution

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Lesson 12: Heroes of the American Revolution

This is a research lesson and may be skipped if time is limited.

Heroes of the Revolution.

George Washington: To the Colonists he was "General Washington", a hero, and later called "The Father of His Country". To the British he was a traitor and to the Iroquois, he was called "Town Destroyer" (for his actions during the French and Indian War)

Following is a list of American "Heroes" of the Revolutionary War.

Your task is to research why they were considered heroes. In an oral (*Teachers note, you may prefer written or both written and oral presentations) presentation describe the actions that made this person a hero. Please include where you found this information (citing sources)

Following is a list of 20 such heroes of the American Revolution students may choose from this list or may find someone else that they know about and admire.

Ethan Allen

Benedict Arnold

Crispus Attuks

Benjamin Franklin

General Horatio Gates

Nathanael Greene

Nathan Hale

Patrick Henry

Captain John Paul Jones

Henry Knox

Marquis de Lafayette

Francis Marion

Thomas Paine

Molly Pitcher

William Prescott

Casmir Pulaski

Paul Revere

Betsy Ross

Benjamin Rush

Deborah Sampson

Baron von Stuben

General Nathan Sullivan

Mercy Otis Warren

Many towns and villages throughout the colonies had their own men (and occasionally women) who they considered heroes. Maybe your family has such a person.

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