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What is the job of an American president?

Responsibilities of the American president

Early Presidents - the first 7 presidents (unit)

Four Heroic Presidents (unit)

Washington Jefferson Roosevelt Lincoln

The Presidents of Mount Rushmore (several lessons)

The Democracy Project - The Prefect President

"I do solemnly swear ..." Presidential Inaugurations

The U. S. Presidents: The lesson includes a chronological portraiture of the presidents, fast facts about each president's major accomplishments and attributes, and crossword puzzle activities.
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U.S. Presidents - lots of worksheets and lesson ideas

The American Presidents lesson plans

Presidential Trivia

The White House (lesson plans, games, activities)

Free Presentations about US Presidents

American History Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Free Video Clips for American History

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US Presidents Games & Activities

The White House (games, activities)

Some American Presidents for Kids and Teachers

President's Day

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American Presidents

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Free American History Presentations in PowerPoint format

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Free American History Games (mrdonn)

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