The Great Depression Lesson Plan #1 - American History Illustration

Mr. Donn's Lesson Plan
Fireside Chats

Introduce students to the idea of FDR attempting to convince the American Public that the Government was working to solve the problems.

Click here and use FDRs first fireside chat

Copy the text of the chat. (I create one classroom set to use with all classes)

  1. Have students read the text.

  2. Play the attached audio.

  3. Explain to students about the economic problems today. (They should have some background).

  4. Have students write a fireside chat of their own by selecting one of the economic problems facing America today, and write about:

    1. What is the Problem?

    2. How do you solve it?

    3. Why choose that problem to solve?

  5. Now put that into a fireside chat format (explain it to the American public).

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