- The Progressive Era Lesson Plan - LaFollette Platform Illustration

Lesson Plan
How did the
Progressive Party
affect American Society?

U.S. History I
Common Assessment
Chapter 9 – The Progressive Era

Purpose: To demonstrate an understanding of the political views and values of the Progressive Party.

Essential Question: How did the Progressive Party affect American Society?

Materials: Copy of the “LaFollette Platform”

Vocabulary: Prologue, Peroration, Surtax, estates, tariff, usurp, nullify


  1. Hand each student a copy of the LaFollette Platform, allow 15 – 20 minutes for students to read.

  2. Carefully discuss the 14 points with students.

  3. Inform students that they will be creating a political poster to help get their chosen point passed into law.

  4. Have students select one of the points and answer the following two questions concerning that point.

    1. Why did they choose that point? (It seemed short/easy is not an acceptable answer) Their answer must include at least one reason why this point is important to them.

    2. What does this point actually mean for America?

  5. Have students create on blank, unlined paper (any size 8½ × 11 or larger is acceptable) a political poster. The poster must illustrate the LaFollette Platform point chosen. It must also show, through drawings, how this point will help the American people.