Civil Rights - Segregation Illustration

Civil Rights Movement

These stories really
happened ..

The Year: 1935 - Back of the Bus
The Year: 1945 - Welcome Home
The Year: 1955 - Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Mr Donn's Lesson Plan:

  • Part One: Use the first two stories, Back of the Bus and Welcome Home written by Lin's mom - one written for a class assignment when she was a little girl during the Great Depression, and one written as a young college student at the close of World War II - to show your students that many people did not like or even understood the purpose of segregation but still obeyed the law. Have your class discuss laws that are unjust or unfair (maybe talk about curfews or riding bikes and roller blades at school.)

  • Part Two: Then bring in Lin's write-up on Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott to show how people can act to get unfair laws changed.

This Special Section is dedicated to two Purdue University graduates -
Dorothy Scalzo (author, artist) & Michael Scalzo (musician, aeronautical engineer), Lin's wonderful parents

1945, Durham, North Carolina

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