Slavery in America
Lesson Plans



From the Transatlantic Slave Trade 
through the 1960s Civil Rights Movement

For Teachers

Transatlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade  and Slave Life in the Americas:  A Visual Record

Kansas Nebraska Act territories and slavery  

The Antebellum South 
The Era Between the War of 1812  and the American Civil War

Southern Plantations

The Amistad Case: A Mock Trial, 1839, Slavery

Amistad Slavery Links

Antebellum Reform Unit
& Support Materials

Brink of the Storm

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

Civil War

The Cotton Gin


Jim Crow

Civil Rights Movement 

How did slavery impact our nation (unit plan) 

History Slavery UNITS  

Slavery 1840 through 1960   

Slavery in America - free Presentations

See: Black History Month
, American History Index

For Kids

Slavery in America

Slave Trade & the Middle Passage

"I will be heard!"

Daily life

Build your own plantation in colonial Maryland

British abolition 

Civil Rights Movement 


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