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Civil Rights Movement: Segregation (Lesson Plan (2-3 days) with Supporting Material (Original Stories: 1935 Back of the Bus, 1945 Welcome Home, 1955 Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott)

FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format for Black History Month

Games & Activities for Black History Month

Black History Printables (free)

A Civil Rights Sojourn

Africans in America (PBS)

African American Mosaic

In Motion - 400 Years

African Americans - stamps

Black History Month, Activities for Kids (Scholastic)

African America Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship

African American History

Slavery in America

The Civil War

Jim Crow

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

After Reconstruction: Problems of African Americans in the South

AP Lesson Plans

African American History and Heritage Site

NAACP Homepage

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Civil Rights Movement (lesson plans, units)

All About Kwanzaa

Protest Songs

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Some Famous African Americans

Black History Month (Biography on A&E)

Booker T Washington UNIT

Barbara Jordan UNIT

Rosa Parks

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plans & Activities

Toni Morrison

Ruby Bridges

Sojourner Truth (Women's Suffrage Movement)

Mary McLeod Bethune (African-American educator)

Andrew Young

Frederick Douglass Mini-Unit

George Washington Carver Mini-Unit

Jackie Robinson

Famous African Americans (Thinkquest)

Harriet Tubman

African American Literature

Anansi Tales and other stories from Africa (lessons, fables - Donn)

African-American Story Tellers UNIT (5-8th grade)

African American Poets Lessons (grades 10-12)

Literature & Life: The Givens Collection

Reading Rockets: Favorite Books for Black History Month

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance/ Poetry of Langston Hughes
(3-4 days, see also Poetry Slam)

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